Spring Allergies

What are Spring Allergies? Pollen is typically in full swing during the spring season. For this reason, the primary cause of spring allergies is pollen. When you’re allergic to pollen, your body overreacts to pollen entering your respiratory system and leads to uncomfortable symptoms. Causes of Spring Allergies The most common spring allergen is, you […]

Fall Allergies

What are Fall Allergies? Allergies occur when your body overreacts to a harmful foreign material like a bee sting or poison ivy or even a safe substance like pet dander or pollen. Your body’s reactions to foreign material may cause sneezing, itching, inflammation of your digestive system, respiratory system, skin, or sinuses. Causes of Fall […]

Allergies – Spring is the Season

Allergies – Spring is the Season The immune system is responsible for protecting the body from disease. The immune system functions by recognizing foreign invaders (bacteria, parasites, and fungi) and then eliminating them from the body via a specialized immune response. Sometimes, the immune system can mistakenly recognize a harmless substance as a foreign invader […]