Winter Sore Throat Solutions

Winter Sore Throat Solutions Sore throat is a common occurrence in the winter months. While it can be caused by a variety of conditions, it’s often the result of the common cold, flu, strep throat, and allergies. It may also be accompanied by other symptoms like pain, dry throat, hoarseness, swollen neck, runny nose, headache, […]

Fall Allergies: Fact or Fiction?

Fall Allergies: Fact or Fiction? Most people think of springtime when it comes to seasonal allergies. That’s when pollen, the number one contributor to allergies, is in full effect. But springtime isn’t the only season when allergies can strike. Read on to learn more about fall allergies. Fall Allergy Symptoms The first step in fighting […]

Winter Allergies

What are Winter Allergies? Due to the lack of pollen and less time spent outdoors, winter allergies are less common than summer or spring allergies. However, winter allergies still exist. Here’s why: Our immune system naturally reacts to foreign material that comes in contact with our body and still has the potential to overreact to […]

Summer Allergies

What are Summer Allergies? Normally, your immune system produces antibodies to respond to foreign materials or allergens. When you suffer from allergies, however, your immune system generates antibodies because it perceives a specific allergen harmful, even though it may not be. Your body’s natural defense mechanisms may cause sneezing, itching, or inflammation of your digestive […]