Rhinitis vs. Sinusitis

Rhinitis vs. Sinusitis If you have a stuffy nose, you may be living with rhinitis or sinusitis. Since both conditions have similar symptoms, they are difficult to diagnose, especially in the early stages. The good news is that the differences between rhinitis and sinusitis typically emerge over time. Both conditions can cause discomfort and interfere […]

All About Phantosmia

All About Phantosmia If you smell odors that don’t actually exist, there’s a good chance you have a condition known as phantosmia. Believe it or not, more than 6% of Americans over age 40 have phantosmia. With phantosmia, you may “smell” these odors constantly or every once in a while in one nostril or both. […]

Hearing Aid FAQ

Hearing Aid FAQ There are a number of reasons you may experience hearing loss. Genetics, ear infections, and disease are some of the most common. If you’re living with hearing loss, a doctor may prescribe hearing aids. Hearing aids can make it easier for you to understand others, stay safe, and lead a higher quality […]

What Causes Clogged Ears?

What Causes Clogged Ears? Clogged ears can interfere with your overall quality of life, even if they don’t cause any serious pain. You may find it difficult to hear the people and sounds that surround you. In addition, you may notice a feeling of fullness or ringing in the ears. So, what causes clogged ears […]

How Breathing Improves Sports Performance

How Breathing Improves Sports Performance If you’re an athlete, you’re likely on the lookout for ways to improve your performance. You may be surprised that better breathing can do wonders for the way you perform during practices and games. In fact, many Olympic athletes work to perfect their breathing technique so they can excel. Keep […]

Are There Devices to Help You Stop Snoring?

Are There Devices to Help You Stop Snoring? Snoring is a common issue that causes a hoarse sound from the nose or mouth as a result of obstructed air movement. Believe it or not, this condition affects about 90 million adults in America. If you’re an avid snorer and looking for ways to stop, you […]

The Connection Between Exercise and ENT

The Connection Between Exercise and ENT You probably know that a regular exercise routine can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It can also reduce your risk of complications such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Most importantly, frequent exercise may steer you toward the happy, fulfilling life you deserve. What you may […]