How to Destroy Your Spine: Part 2

How to Destroy Your Spine: Part 2 In “How to Destroy Your Spine Part 1,” you learned that lifting things incorrectly can wreck your back. But did you know you can destroy your spine even if you’re just standing or sitting down? Even if it doesn’t seem like you’re doing anything physically taxing, poor posture […]

Gardening, Yard Work and Back Strain

Gardeners, Protect Your Spine! Digging, weeding, planting, carrying, spading, watering – there’s a lot of potential for back pain in the average flower or vegetable garden. As the Spring and Summer seasons bring in prime gardening weather, how can we protect our spines? Gardening and Your Back: Preparation After a long, relatively inactive winter, it’s […]

Causes of Back Pain

Causes of Back Pain Our back is under constant stress at all times. As a result, it is not surprising that individuals can develop back pain. In this article, we shall briefly review the common causes of back pain. A Bad Diet In order to maintain a strong back, we are required to have a […]