Is Ear Popping Harmful?

Is Ear Popping Harmful?

If you’ve ever had stuffy or clogged ears, you know how uncomfortable they can make you feel. Clogged ears can also interfere with your hearing abilities, making it important to find relief as soon as possible. One way you can improve or even resolve clogged ears is through ear popping.

Contrary to popular belief, ear popping is usually safe. As long as you’re gentle and use the right techniques, you shouldn’t face any problems. The next time you have clogged ears, keep the following in mind.


Every time you swallow, the Eustachian tube which connects your middle ear to the back of your nose opens up. Chew on a piece of gum or suck on your favorite hard candy to allow your Eustachian tube to work its magic and improve your clogged ears. Excessive swallowing can lead to headaches so be careful.


Another way to open up your Eustachian tube is to yawn. If you’re not tired enough to yawn, you can fake it. Simply open your mouth wide and breathe at the same time. Fake a yawn every minute or two and stop once your ears have popped.

Use a Washcloth

Take a warm washcloth or heating pad and place it against your ear. By doing so, you can open up your Eustachian tube and get rid of any congestion. If your stuffy ears are the result of allergies, a cold, or the flu, this is a great technique.

Invest in Nasal Corticosteroids

Fortunately, nasal steroids are sold over-the-counter so you don’t need a subscription to try them. They can reduce the inflammation in your nasal passages and unclog your ears simultaneously. You’ll find that they balance out your air pressure and make it easier for air to flow through the Eustachian tube.

Visit the Doctor for Ventilation Tubes

In the event your clogged ears are severe and can’t be relieved through conservative measures, ventilation tubes may be an option. Under local anesthesia, your doctor will insert the tubes into your ears. The goal of this procedure is to get rid of any excess fluid and resolve the condition. After a few years, the tubes will make their way out of your ears on their own.

By using the right ear popping technique, you can put an end to stuffy ears and feel better once again.