What Shoes Cure Bunions?

What Shoes Cure Bunions?

What Shoes Cure Bunions?

If your big toe has a bump that appears bony, you likely have a bunion. When the bones in your foot move out of their proper positions, you may develop this condition and notice that your big toe sticks out. A bunion may also lead to redness and swelling, calluses, and perpetual or sporadic pain.

While the exact cause of bunions is unknown, research has shown that they may be the result of foot injuries or stress or birth deformities. Wearing high heels or poorly fitting shoes, rheumatoid arthritis, and a family history of bunions may also increase your risk of them.

So how do you cure bunions? Well, wearing the right type of shoes can certainly help. Let’s dive deeper into the types of shoes you should buy and wear if you have bunions.

Comfortable Shoes

Sometimes, all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes that offer ample room for your big toe. Make sure they have low heels (or no heels) and do not press against your toes. You may need to wear larger shoes than you normally do to ensure a proper fit.

Shoes With Extra Depth

The more depth your shoes contain, the more room there is for your bunion. If you have corns or calluses, extra depth is particularly important. In a perfect world, every shoe you wear would have at least a quarter or half inch of additional depth.

Change Your Current Shoes

Fortunately, you don’t have to throw out your current shoes and replace them with new ones to accommodate your bunions. You can ask a shoe professional to widen the toe area with a stretcher to improve the way your current shoes fit you. Orthotics or inserts that alleviate foot pain and pressure can also help.

Where to Find Shoes for Bunions

If you’re in search of the best shoes for bunions, there are plenty of resources at your disposal. Ask your primary care doctor or podiatrist if they have any recommendations. You should be able to find the right shoes at any shoe store. However, OrthoFeet and The Walking Company are examples of shoe companies that may offer more options.

While it may be tempting to choose the trendiest shoes, comfort and function should be your top priorities if you have a bunion. Refrain from buying any shoes unless they feature a soft sole and offer enough room for your toe. Trust us. Your feet will thank you.